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Running List Of Life Lessons

About The Life Lessons

What Are The Life Lessons?

The Life Lessons are a collection of advice with the sole purpose of helping people avoid jams. A jam is any type of unwanted or undesirable situation in which you may find yourself. Some jams are unavoidable. However, utilizing the Life Lessons can help to alleviate the negative consequences associated with them. If a person follows all the Life Lessons, a more prosperous, enjoyable life will certainly follow.

How are Life Lessons Created?

The Life Lessons are a truly All-American story. A simple piece of advice passed down from father to son has blossomed into the list we know today. As they grew, several early adopters recognized their enormous jam avoiding potential and embraced the Lessons. These early adopters have become part of the Advisory Board and are constantly meeting to improve and add Life Lessons as deemed appropriate. Many have been based off of real life jams the members have experienced themselves. If you have an idea for a potential Life Lesson, please contact the Advisory Board.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Life Lessons?

The Life Lessons are modeled off of the U.S. Constitution. As such, there is no limit on the number of Life Lessons. As long as there are jams to be addressed, Life Lessons will continue to be added. In fact, the Advisory Board is currently considering several potential Life Lessons which may be adopted in the future.

What Is The Most Important Life Lesson?

Much like the U.S. Constitution, there is no hierarchy of Life Lessons. Each Life Lesson has a specific purpose and role within the greater tapestry of jam avoidance. Granted, some Life Lessons are more popular or useful; however each Life Lesson must be followed in order to ensure complete jam avoidance. That being said, a common mantra regarding the relative values of the Lessons is: "There is no ranking of Life Lessons, but #1 is #1 for a reason."